The Original Clear Bed Liner
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Comparison Chart

Benefits Spray-on CrystaLiner Plastic drop in Liners
Provides Water tight seal to vehicle YES NO
Propvides air tight seal to vehicle YES NO
Impossible to steal or fly out of truck YES NO
Permanently adheres to vehicle YES NO
Doesn't allow abrasion under Bed Liner YES NO
Virtually no reduction of cargo space YES NO
Excellent crack resistance YES NO
Excellent split resistance YES NO
Excellent warp resistance YES NO
Available in vehicle matching color YES NO
Available in UV stable colors YES NO
Available in CLEAR YES NO
Allows graphics to be visible YES NO
Available in Special Effects YES NO
Available in metallic finish YES NO
Surface texture can be customized YES NO
Repairable if damaged in accident YES NO
Slip resistant finish YES NO
Helps protect cargo from shifting YES NO
Excellent scratch resistance YES NO
Excellent abrasion resistance YES NO
Permanently insulates against noise YES NO
Insulates against vehicle vibration YES NO
Excellent thermal shock resistance YES NO
Conforms to original bed shape. YES NO
Installs over bed features YES NO
Resists heat build-up YES NO
Eliminates water ponding in Bed Liner YES NO
Can utilize manufacturers' drain holes YES NO
Increases resale value YES NO
CrystaLiner® the safest pure polyurea truck bed liner coatings available.